Monday, January 5, 2009

Greetings from England

It was wonderful to talk to Jordan on Christmas! Who needs gifts when you have a phone call to look forward to? Each member of the family took a turn. He definitely has a British accent, although he can talk without it if he tries. We asked him to turn on a thick accent and he sounded just like a native! About two weeks before Christmas, he wrote home and told us that he had been asked to participate in the Leeds University Atheist Society's interfaith panel. He and his companion had the opportunity to sit on the panel and answer questions with members of other religions. He told us that they had webcast the meeting, and if we wanted to, we could find it on the web. What an opportunity! I found the Leeds Atheist Society and emailed them. The next day they emailed me back with the link. It was amazing, to say the least, to watch him in action as a missionary. Every missionary parent wishes they could be a fly on the wall and watch their child, and we had this unique chance to do just that! Click on the link below, and you will see the panel. The meeting is quite long, so if you just want to hear Elder Keables bear his testimony, fast forward to 57 minutes and watch for about 5. It's a treat!

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