Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Stuff Memories Are Made Of

Friday is traditionally date night, but as we sat around the table after dinner, we just didn’t have the heart to leave Ryan and Melissa home by themselves. Janae, Julia, and Spencer were all gone for the evening, so it was just the four of us. “What should we do?” I asked. Someone suggested we go for a walk in the dark. “How about the walking path at Wildwood Park?” Someone else added. We decided that Curt and I would walk the length of the circular path while Ryan rode the scooter and Melissa rollerbladed. Everyone liked that idea and Ryan and Melissa were thrilled to be invited on our date. On the way there, it started to rain, but did that stop us? No way! By that time, we were up for an adventure. The four of us spent the evening walking and running, skating and scooting around in the rain. Melissa found an umbrella in the car, so she looked like “Singing in the Rain’ on skates. In the end, we played tag and took goofy pictures at the adjacent playground. And the best part: we had a wonderful time together, laughing, playing, and enjoying a rainy winter evening, and it didn’t cost a dime!


  1. Fun! Sounds like the perfect date night- fun and fancy free.

  2. Good for you all! Waiting for your new posts and pictures and wish your blessed family nice days and nights together:)