Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Tee-Peeing Era (1998-?)

Early this morning, at precisely 1:40am, I awoke to our front door slamming shut. I got up to investigate and Ryan and Melissa were out front reveling in streams of t.p. hanging from the tree. "Get back in here!" I shouted. "Someone might steal you! Besides," I fumed, "you scared me half to death!" Reluctantly, they ran back inside. "We were trying to sleep," they exclaimed excitedly," and we heard the dog barking, and then someone knocked on the door, and we got up and looked out the window, and there were people running away!!!" Unfortunately, I know this drill all too well. I think the first time we were tee-peed was somewhere around the time Tyler was 13 or 14. The signature of a tee-peed house is this, teenagers live there. Consequently, since we've had teenagers in our home for 10 years, we have been tee-peed at least once a year for the past decade (I say, at least). I think, all those years ago it might have been thrilling, or exciting, or mysterious when we heard that now familiar, "Bam! Bam! Bam!" on the front door at 2am, followed by a car racing away. Now, when we discover toilet paper draped all over our front yard...again, Curt and I just look at each other and sigh. And wouldn't you know, it rained last night! Maybe with the struggling economy, people will have to ration toilet paper and The Tee-Peeing Era will end prematurely. We can only hope. :)


  1. That is one stage of the teenage years we haven't experienced yet. But our neighbors did, last night. I can say that I am happy we are not outside trying to clean up wet t.p. I wish we lived closer, though, and we might come help you! ; )

  2. that my friend, is the first picture I have ever seen of your home. And may I add it looks lovely. I feel so bad that it was WET. You do have the perfect big tree for it.